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Rogues Radio Podcast

Aug 31, 2019

Are the hosts of the Rogues Radio Podcast prequelists? Listen in as Dave Beaty and Eric Alexander discuss the Lucasfilm Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith(2005). Do the guys consider the sci-fi movie a classic? Is it worth re-watching in anticipation of Rise of Skywalker? All this and some reaction/ discussion about...

Aug 24, 2019

Eric Alexander and Dave Beaty discuss the Universal Television TV Pilot for Battlestar Galactica from 1978. Both consider this a sci-fi classic and worth re-watching. They also take a few minutes to discuss some movie news and the various other BSG versions including the original Marvel Comics series. Enjoy!

Aug 16, 2019

Star Trek the Motion Picture turns 40! New co-host Eric Alexander joins Dave Beaty to discuss the importance of this loved and hated entry in the Star Trek saga. The influence of TMP looms large and they discuss the films development, interesting facts about the various versions, and finally reflect on the film...

Aug 7, 2019

Special co-host & guest Eric Alexander (Occupants, Bad Bob Productions) joins Dave Beaty to discuss all things Trek with a focus on the Las Vegas Convention. Our intrepid hosts are not in total agreement on all things Trek so expect lively discussions of Discovery and Picard! Lots of great stories about the Con. Enjoy!